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Description of Money Manager: AZV Money Pro

It is never be so

your money, and find where your money flows out. AZV Money: a pro money manager / expense tracker (money tracker) that

to find your budget holes,

let’s you save money. And this expense tracker is free. With free customer support. Be your money manager with this great personal finance manager.

★ custom categories (accounts) ★ 200+ currencies (like USD, Euro, GBP, AUD, INR, CAD) ★ expense tracker ★ money monitor ★ custom budgets ★ budget plans ★ the best charts! ★ full control to your money flow ★ pro’ tool ★ all features are free ★ overall money manager

This money manager is a free personal finance manager app that opens new perspectives for you. Not only log your expenses, but proactively helps you to predict your future money spending. Money pro: expense manager helps you to predict your budgets value at the end of week, month or year. This great unique budgeting system helps you to order your expenses to money jars (budgets), and this is fully customizable.

With tihs app,



. Great expense tracker, expense logger feature

★ Manage your finance, check your incomes and expenses.

★ Create unlimited transactions, unlimited categories, unlimited budgets, in a free way.

★ Log your money placed on your bank accounts or wallet or other source.

★ You can handle unlimited account, like a pro'. Or simplify them, if you want less. Be a pro money manager with this tool

★ Help you to

, add custom expenses. Be the manager of your custom expense categories!

★ Track your expenses and budgets, be the manager of your money!

★ Stop spending your money with unnecessary things, focus your goals

★ Organize your expenses to budgets

and prediction feature, be the manager of your budgets!

★ Beautiful and

, if you love charts

★ Fascinating installer, that

to setup this app!

with automatic exchange rate update and fine-tuning option

★ You can secure the application (in menu/settings/password protection), to


, in-app purchase free, limitation free, just free, You can free to use this money manager

★ Free customer support helps you, if you stuck using this app

★ Multiple currency support

★ Various icons and colors, you can the manager of categories

★ Reminder notifications! You will never miss to log a spending!

★ Improved budget reports. Now you see, how much money you should save


★ This money manager helps you to save more

★ This app is free, and saving is sexy

★ This is a great expense tracker

★ Multiple currency support, with automatic exchange rates!

★ Free video tutorials are coming!

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